The retailpartner in tasty tomatoes

Four leading Belgian growers decided to join forces back in 2014, combining their experience, know-how and expertise, to approach the market as a single entity. Quite successfully, as it happens.

Den Berk Délice, which was founded on genuine friendship as well as a shared drive and ambition, swiftly developed as a result of the strength and focus this generated, providing scope for both upscaling and specialisation.

Our expertise in the world of tomatoes and years of research in new concepts and packaging, makes that we dare to call ourselves professional retail partner. We create consumer-oriented concepts, contribute in shelf filling and try to fill in the gaps. We use our experience to support our partners and like to share our knowledge in the category of tomatoes. After all it's our goal to strengthen one another.

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Berkelaar 10 - 2330 Merksplas

T: +3214 40 72 40

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